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Nicky Hart - Trouble


I have been to see Nick Hart as Elvis a few times now, and have been very impressed and entertained each time. He is a true professional whose dedication to his craft is evident in his performances. Not only does he perform a wide range of Elvis' greatest hits, but he remains in character throughout his performance. It's a great show!

Gidea Park

Having never been a huge Elvis fan before, myself and my husband tagged along with a group of friends going to enjoy a 'night with elvis' at the local Indian restaurant and we were blown away with what a fantastic night we had! Not only do you sound remarkably like the king himself (so much so that my friend actually questioned if you were miming to a cd) but also had the moves and the looks to match!! We were thoroughly entertained from start to finish and will most definitely be following you to see when you are next in town!

Louise and Steve